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Before starting this detailed review of Zero Up, it is important to understand what Fred Lam’s Zero Up is all about. It is a software that enables you to gain commission-based revenue with the aid of automation in the simplest way. Moreover, it has a curriculum that includes lots of training elements along with approaches to coaching that will give you the basic understanding of sales and marketing. You will get help throughout the whole course if you need any.

Who is Fred Lam?

Fred Lam is a capable person who has more than 12 years of experience and his software Zero Up is a sure shot hit. He has been in constant touch with several platforms, such as Adwords, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. for many years. And during this journey, he has emerged as a great marketing and sales professional. With his skills and talents, he has given this generation more than $20 million of profits and sales till now.   

What is inside Zero Up?

To get into this software, you should be either experienced or go through the complete training session of Zero Up to properly understand how it works. Whenever an eCommerce store is created through Zero Up, only 5 minutes are taken in total for the complete process. This definitely proves how simple it is to work with Zero Up. Depending on the keywords used by you, Zero Up will add all the ads from Aliexpress automatically. For example, if you type teenagers, all items related to teenagers will be automatically added to your store.

It is totally integrated with Aliexpress and in case you find this tough, you can always do it manually by picking each item. If you have worked in this field of sales before, you must be aware how difficult it is to do it without the aid of any software. Hiring a VA costs too much and doing it yourself is not that easy. So, comparing all the options mentioned above, investing in ZeroUp does not seem like a bad idea at all.

An Overview:

The Zero Up software is amazing considering how it automatically completes the entire process, from purchasing to paying up even when you are not on the computer screen. So many steps, such as hiring employees, stress to handle the staff, etc. can be skipped if you make use of ZeroUp. For the beginners who are new to this e-commerce business, this software is a great way to start. Moreover, for old and experienced professionals who have no time to put in the business anymore but are willing to work passively on it, this software is a great means to do so. This software can be used at many sites at once. It helps you earn a minimum of $1500 per month, which is great as you have to do nothing practically. This software created by Fred Lam is a game changer and the fact that anyone can purchase it and use is just a plus. 


What all the Features you will get when you join ZeroUp?

There are many features that Zero Up offers. Some of these are listed below:

  • You will get help to set up your shopping cart platform

It is not very simple and easy to set up the online shopping platform though it is very important to know how it is done. Because of this reason, Zero Up is used since it enables you to conceptualize your own store through a few clicks. When I did it, I was stunned by the fact that it took me only a few minutes to create my own store with the aid of Shopify’s platform, all thanks to Zero Up. After that, I tested the shopping dashboard carefully and it was great to see that it became functional instantly. Thus, I was able to receive orders. This makes the whole idea of online sales very simple for many instead of becoming intimidating especially for people who are new to this sector. 

  • It will become a lot simpler to take orders due to the automated system

This automated system enables everyone to complete their orders from the start until the end without worrying about what will happen to the next. Residual income is very important these days and this system will also help you make money even when you will be sleeping, which is quite exceptional.

  • You will be able to understand all the things due to the availability of a series of modules

Fred Lam makes sure that his employees develop skills that will last a lifetime while they learn how to use Zero Up. The series of modules will help you learn the basics as well as the more advanced concepts. Moreover, these modules will make you understand how the software works as you work with it, which is the best part of the training.

  • 100% completion through automation

When we talk about this feature, we know it alone is a lot more than $10,000. In the past whenever there was a sale, you had to go in that software and buy everything step by step manually. What Zero Up offers is an automated process where you have nothing manual and everything is an automated process, so spending hours on it is not something you will have to worry about. As soon as a sale is up, Zero Up will complete your order in no time.

  • 12 automatic responders to integrate your email boosting and your profit margins

Zero Up offers the most sophisticated integrations that are nothing but perfect and effective. They integrate your mail in the easiest form and their automation is great. So, this is one thing you do not have to worry about, like in the case of MailChimp that was immensely flawed in all forms but we had to use it since there was nothing else available at that time. 

  • Increase your sales with this profit multiplier

If a person has shopped from your store online once, the chances are they will purchase from you again. To maximize the chance, a coupon creator will pop up on the Shopify’s Thank You page in the form of a video or an HTML. This may enhance the sales by 30%, as per a few surveys were done by the users and the company. Fred Lam did everything he could to multiply the profits of the users. So this software Zero Up is nothing but ideal for an eCommerce business.

Advantages of using Zero Up:

  • A very simple interface that can be easily used by anyone
  • Great for beginners
  • The best kind of Funnel Builder
  • Training is simple to follow and understand
  • The best eCommerce product available on the market

How Zero Up offers more traffic for free?

If you have an online store platform, you will need more traffic for earning more commissions. For this reason, Fred Lam, the master of advertising has offered the best Shopify store for you to generate immense traffic to your online store. 



By now, I am sure that you have already built up your trust for Zero Up because what Fred Lam offers is a great product at a great price. There are already so many testimonials provided by people from all over the globe who are the beneficiaries of this software. What he is offering in the form of Zero Up is well worth the money because he is offering an in-detail training with it.

For anyone who is genuinely interested in getting into this eCommerce and marketing business will soon see what he is talking about. With the right information, you can conquer the world and here Fred Lam is doing more than enough for you to help you succeed in this business. He has made it so simple to understand what eCommerce and marketing are all about and how you can enhance your profits with the aid of a profit multiplier. The platform of Zero Up will make it much easier for you to thrive and attain immense profits.

So, I’d say hurry up and get your Zero Up software right away to make some money!       


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