Walabot Developer reviews

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Are you welcoming new technology that makes you feel surprising with its innovative idea and benefits? Do you love your family very well and always thought to secure them from any worst scenarios before it happens or in the current situation?

Are you interested in breaking the known or unknown barriers with the help of using radio frequency to listen or watch around you to uncover the hidden things? Here a team introduced the Walabot Developer pack to sense the environment by signals from multiple antennae and it analyzed to reconstruct a 3D image of your surroundings to stay alert forever.

About Walabot Developer:

Walabot Developer is the best 3D imaging sensor that you can see through the object with the help of radio frequency technology which is easily programmable and able to use this sensing device at your fingertips. Radio Frequency(RF) technology has existed for a long time. It enables us to communicate through wireless communication, and everyone must know how RF is rapidly evolving around you in a new and exciting way.

It provides excellent chance to develop your dream application that suite for the elderly care, content management, breathing monitor, smart alarm system, home automation and find the location of people during the fire to feel safe. It can easily fit into any cases and start connecting with smartphones magnetically. It works well by selected Android devices to show everything like X-ray scanner.

Features of Walabot Developer:

  • Walabot Developer is the high 3D resolution with board size 72mm*140mm that suits for any smartphone.
  • It offers both starter & creator capabilities for developing your desires.
  • It has almost 18 antenna array with expanded spatial sensing abilities that help to send, receive and record raw signal data as an added advantage for all the users.
  • It includes Imaging API, Radar API, and Breathing API to make you feel secure and protective in all the places by activating the signals rapidly.
  • Here it highlights the list of a program using C#/VB/C++/Python for windows, C++/Python for Linux, supplied with documentation and other example code.
  • It offers the possible way to develop apps for Walabot in many areas, including 3D imaging through hard objects, breath detection, target tracking and much more.
  • By purchasing the Walabot-Developer Pack, you can quickly access with various application code for multiple use cases in the Walabot GitHub repository.

Walabot Developer review

How it Support for us?

Walabot Developer is suitable for indoor and wall imaging, object detection, change detection, speed and distance measurement, motion detection, breath detection, material dielectric characterization, human tracking and drop detection. Even it comes with Walabot Black Shell Case to protect it from any breakage and harness.

This most advanced device & application will work virtually under 3D sensor technology to create an unlimited additional application for any purposes and make you feel safer in your day to day life. It can identify any signal and analyze for keep tracking anything you want.


  • Walabot Developer is user-friendly to support all the people.
  • It provides step by step instruction and other information to make you understand easily.
  • It is risk-free to use, and if you are not satisfied with this pack, sure you can get back your money as a refund.
  • This advanced imaging technology is approachable, affordable and beneficiary for everyone.
  • You can save money and time by avoiding purchasing useless devices or equipment.


  • You need an internet connection to place the order because it is available online only.
  • If you felt lazy to follow the given information or avoid any steps, sure you will not get the desired result.


As a result, Anybody can use this Walabot Developer with or without the skill to quickly detect the threat and keep saving the life of your loved ones and also solve the issues without confusion. Already many people started to use this advanced 3D image sensing technology to develop customized applications.

So you can take advantage of using this Walabot Developer to keep assisting yourself without other support on finding threats and accomplish the mission. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Grab it before the offer ends.

Walabot Developer reviews

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