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You probably landed here because you’ve heard the buzz on the TecAdemics program and wanted to improve your understanding of it. Probably you are tired of unsuccessful online business that bears no fruit at all and want something better to educated you on how you can earn cash online.

I also had similar struggles not until I decided to have a different approach on my online entrepreneurship after taking the TecAdemics program. It’s a program designed to help any online entrepreneur learn how to make more money online by embracing new techniques rarely used by most people. So, let’s get started with TecAdemics.

What’s TecAdemics?

TecAdemics (formerly called Internet Marketing College) is a new internet affiliate program offering a new model of internet education. It is designed and owned by one of the most successful internet marketers with an 8 figure income, Chris Record.

The program delivers top internet marketing as well as business education to entrepreneurs. It’s taught by entrepreneurial experts in different fields who actually put what they teach into practice. In other words, TecAdemics is an epitome of academic education and technology put together to achieve the highest quality of entrepreneurial standards.

TecAdemics also comes with its own affiliate program, meaning that apart from learning the expertise, you’ll also be in a position to earn good sum of money when you sell the program.

TecAdemics Education program is basically divided into three different levels:

  • Global distance e-learning
  • Virtual Classrooms through online interactive programs with slides and videos.
  • Course workbook

Each of these program levels have students from different parts of the globe attending. TecAdemics educational program covers numerous areas including the following:

  • Online marketing schemes and generation of traffic.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement and Facebook, Google and YouTube marketing, the largest platforms of advertisement on the web.
  • Presence on Social Media
  • Email marketing and leads generation strategies.
  • Speedblogging and blogging.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Working with e-commerce and webshop.
  • Dropshipping and Amazon marketing.

TecAdemics actually covers so much more and the above are just a slice of it. Apart from being the leading online education program, TecAdemics highest level of program gives you an opportunity of attending live classes in Phoenix, Arizona State. These live classes are held after every three months, 6 hours a day for 5 days. The live classes are free to attend. If you can’t attend due to the distance factor like me, well, the recorded classes will come in handy.

As a student and member of TecAdemics, you’ll get the chance of enjoying its Entrepreneur Club where you’ll meet like-minded online entrepreneurs, discuss and ask questions.

TecAdemics Scam

What are the program levels and their pricing?

This is particularly important since once I was convinced that it was the program that I needed most to turn around my online entrepreneurship, I wanted to know what is offered at what price. Here’s the breakdown:

  • TEC at $100/Month

This is simply an abbreviation of The Entrepreneur Club. It’s actually the minimum membership level and the one I also started with. I preferred starting at this level so I can find out for sure what benefits lied in the program. If you are impressed, you then can consider upgrading.

At this level, you’ll get access to foundational internet marketing education, training and forum as well as weekly lessons.

  • IMPACT at a onetime fee of $2,000

This is Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training. Now, this is where you expect most people to be. This program gives you a comprehensive coverage of different areas pertaining to internet marketing.

  • MASTERS TUITION at a onetime fee of $10,000

This is a Week-Long Global Educational Program Event. It is TecAdemics education program flagship. It’s suitable for those who aspire to be masters of internet marketing and online business. It comprises of 6 hours a day for 5 days live classes in Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, you’ll also get access to the recorded classes if you are not able to travel to Arizona. You will also be given 120 hours credit of the available live education.

If you can manage to attend at least one of the live classes, you’ll have the chance to meet in person with the teachers and students and discuss any of your entrepreneurial concerns.

Affiliate Program:

If you want to become TecAdemics affiliate, you are very much welcome to do so. Becoming an affiliate is completely FREE and you’ll get a chance to earn some good amount of cash by selling TecAdemics education program. The commission percentage is up to 40% of your sale.

The affiliate program has a 2 tier hybrid with leverage, meaning that for some of your sales, half of your commission (20%) will go to the person who enrolled you while you keep the remaining half (20%). As for some sales, you’ll get the whole commission amount (40%).

A very nice feature of the structure of the affiliate commission is that you’ll always get a share for all sales, at least 20%. Commission payment is done to at most 2 persons only, you and who enrolled you (20% each) or you alone (the whole 40%).

Therefore TecAdemics is simply NOT an MLM or a network marketing firm where most of the commission is paid to the top members only. No matter when you were enrolled on the program as a student or a member, you’ll have same opportunity to earn some good commission from your sales.

In my honest opinion, TecAdemics affiliate program has a very straightforward and simple mode of operation. Since TecAdemics has some of its products with high prices, you stand a chance of earning very high commission from a single sale.

For instance, if you refer someone who ends up buying all the three products ($100+$2,000+$10,000) a total of $12,100, you stand a chance of earning 20 or 40 percent commission, that is $2,400 or $4,800 for the one time payments and 20 or 40 percent for the $100 a month payments.

TecAdemics Commission Structure:

The above explanations seem awkward for a starter, so let me expound on it. When do you get the 20% and when do you get the 40%?

1) For you to qualify to earn the commissions on each of the three products, you are required to either:

  1. Buy any of the products yourself. No commission is earned by buying your own products. This is your qualification sale.
  2. Or sell any of the products to a TecAdemics member you enrolled. This is also a qualification sale so no commission is earned.

2) After your qualification sale on each of the products, you can now earn commission on any sale.

The first 2 product sales are referred to as “Training” sales. You’ll therefore earn 20% on those two as your enroller earns the remaining 20%.

Each of the 5th sale after the 1st two sales will earn your enroller 20% commission as you keep the remaining 20%. That means that you will earn a 40% commission on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th sale as you enroller gets nothing. On the 7th sale, your enroller will get 20% of the commission as you get 20%.

That’s the commission structure of TecAdemics affiliate program. And there’s more…there is another program known as Matching Millions with two levels.

Matching Millions Program:

TecAdemics chris record

This is a program with two levels:

  1. The $100,000 Matching bonus

After you’ve earned a total of $100,000 in commission for a period of three years, including your pass-up commissions, you’ll be awarded another $100,000 bonus. This matching bonus is a onetime payment from TecAdemics directly paid into your card.

  1. The $1,000,000 Matching bonus

When you’ve earned $1,000,000 worth of commission in a period of 3 years including your pass-up commissions, you’ll be awarded another $1,000,000 onetime payment as a matching bonus. The payment is from TecAdemics directly paid to your card.

Payment of the matching bonus is made to ALL those who attain the $100,000 and $1,000,000 commission amount in a period of three years. Take note that you’re not competing with other members to get the bonus. You are competing against yourself. That means that regardless of when you joined TecAdemics, you’ll have an equal opportunity to qualify for the matching bonuses.

Are you able to earn $100,000 in commission in the next three years? That’s a total of 36 months and approximately $2,800 a month!


TecAdemics Internet Marketing College


As you get to learn more about internet marketing and online entrepreneurship, you are also at a better position of earning income from TecAdemics affiliate program. Certainly, there’s no other program that surpasses TecAdemics! That’s my review of TecAdemics. Get yourself started and reach a new dimension like you’ve never attained before in your online entrepreneurship efforts.


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