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Whether you cook a Chinese dish or Moroccan preparation, who wants to eat those boiled ones. The best way to significantly improve the taste of your recipes is using premium and freshly grounded gourmet spices. I am not talking about the sub-standard and per-grounded items that are packaged and sold at grocery shops.

For thousands of years, as a way to add smell, depth, and quality of food, spices have been considered indispensable. This is evident from the popularity of cardamom, turmeric, coriander, cumin and others in posh restaurants and homes. Besides improving the flavor, high-quality spices also have several healing properties and they are potent enough to develop a strong immune system & a healthy heart, increase appetite, prevent cancer, & keep skin healthy.

If you can’t recognize good spices and want premium and best quality items to be delivered to your doorstep, then your ultimate option is RawSpiceBar. Read to know more about it.

About RawSpiceBar:

RawSpiceBar is a quarterly subscription kit in which you can get freshly grind and premium seasonal spices and blends. These are flavorsome spices with which you can cook mouthwatering recipes and delicious meals.

Best for home chefs, cooks, and housewives the spices are expected to add a wonderful taste and aroma to all your dishes that you cook to tickle the palate. Now with the spices, you can cook wheat, nuts, eggs, meat, fishes and dairy products to perfection.

What are the different kinds of spices that you can get after subscribing at RawSpiceBar?

RawSpiceBar brings a host of spices for you to choose from. There are Indian spices, spice blends, whole and ground spices, curry powders, chiles, Moroccan spices, Spice Sets, etc.

  • Indian Spices: In this category, you can choose from Black Mustard Seeds, Black Cardamom Pods, Brown Mustard Seeds, Cardamom, etc.
  • Spice Blends: Shop for Adobo seasoning, Advieh Persian, Apple Pie Spice, Baharat Spice, and Indo-French Vadouvan.
  • Curry Powders: Prepare rich feast and relish the taste of natural curry powders. Pick from Japanese Curry Powder, Malaysian Curry Powder, Quatre Epices, Chilli Powder, Thai Curry Powder, Ethiopian BerBere, and Garam Masala.
  • Whole and Ground Spices: Get your hands on fresh Allspice Berries, Ancho Chile Powder, Aniseed, Annatto Seeds. Packed with nutrients prepare wholesome homemade, authentic curries & curry sauces by adding them to it.
  • Chiles: Make your dishes scrumptious with authentic Ancho Chile Powder, Organic Cayenne Pepper, Chipotle Powder, and Bourbon Smoked Paprika.
  • Moroccan Spices: Create rich, saporous sauces and savory recipes with authentic grains of paradise, Ras El Hanout, Sumac Cured, and Saffron Threads.
  • Spice Sets: You will find premium and high-quality spice sets such as Starter Spice Set Gift, 12 Essential Spices, Global Spice Set Gift, 12 Global Spices, Global Blends Spice Set, etc.

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How many spices will you get in each kit?

You will receive a kit comprising of 6 seasonal spices & blends, which you can use to prepare 2 exotic meals per week for a duration of 3 months, to maximize the flavor and gratify the taste buds of 4-6 people. The whole quantity of spices will typically count between 1 oz- 1.4oz for each spice kit. The kit will be sent to you on a quarterly basis that is after every 3 months.

How can you subscribe to RawSpiceBar?

You need to sign up with your email id on the company’s website and subscribe to the RawSpiceBar on a quarterly basis. Within 10 business days, you will get your kit containing the spices that you have selected. Each kit will consist of 6 seasonal spices & blends. After every 3 months, you will keep on getting the kit that will be safely delivered to your doorstep.



  • You will get plenty of delicious global recipe ideas for all diets.


  • Organic and free of artificial preservatives and fillers
  • Freshly grounded spices
  • Free shipping
  • Risk-free purchase
  • Full refund if not satisfied with the products


  • There is no offline subscription available.

Final Verdict:

Don’t settle for over-priced, over-sized, pre-ground spices, opt for RawSpiceBar for more freshness. I would recommend it to everyone out there who want to cook authentic cuisines and lip-smacking recipes. You can also subscribe to the spices and give them to your friend or relative as a surprise gift. Right from making an exotic.

Thai curry to that of a British style sauce, you can cook them to absolute perfection with the spices on lavish occasions of life such as birthdays, indoor parties, in-house get-together, anniversaries and delight all the guests. Subscribe now by signing up at the official website of the company, and with the money back guarantee I am sure it will turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life.


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