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Wait… Since you’ve come on this page, I know what you’re looking for. You’re looking for an answer. You’ve questioned yourself, “Why can’t I progress in life? When will I stop being an employee and be an entrepreneur? How do I do that? How should I gather the funds?” Well, I want to appreciate you. Do you know why? It’s because you’ve taken a step today. By questioning yourself, you’ve awakened yourself to do something great in life. Your determination has risen, finally!

However, isn’t it unfair how some people can be successful while the other keep trying until their failures make them tired? Well, the answer to that is: Everyone is capable of being an entrepreneur. Then what stops many of us? Why can’t we succeed just as others do? I was curious too! My friend, Jennifer, had been a part of a training program. It was conducted and hosted by Anik Singal. As per her recommendation, I ordered Anik Singal’s recent book called ‘eSCAPE.’ And, oh my! I totally get it. So please, stay on this page and read this. I feel everyone should read this book and through this review, I’m going to explain why.

What is eSCAPE?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word ‘eSCAPE’?

When I read it first, I realised it was a way to escape the ordinary life. eScape is a book made for the people who wish to step up and be what they are meant to be. Anik Singal is a millionaire who explains his journey, his lessons and his thesis through this book.

Anik researched for 2 years on why some fail and some succeed to do what they want. After a thorough research and a lot of hard work, he wrote this book three times, just to make sure that it has the best information. Soon, he got 4 million subscribers! After that, he got over 250,000+ entrepreneurial students from about 55 countries. Gosh! What a huge success! Anik even sold $200 million worth products in almost no time. Also, while writing the book, he met a lot of people who had failed and been successful in their lives, including billionaires.

After a lot of hard work, he became who he is today. eSCAPE is Anik’s life goal. He wishes to enlighten as many people as he can through his wisdom-giving book. And trust me, this book is truly a masterpiece.

Who is Anik Singal?

eScap BookAnik Singal stepped into the world of entrepreneurship in the year 2003. Ever since he has started, his journey has been a roller coaster ride. From being extremely successful to a massive failure, Anik has experienced it all. Not only has he experienced it, but also learnt from it. While Anik was enjoying his success, his life brought a huge obstacle in his way. He was falling $1.7 million in debt. Decades of trial and error had brought him to where he was and he was finished. That debt was killing him, he was literally failing. He became an alcoholic and experienced the worst of all the failures. After a decade or so, Anik bounced back even stronger. AND THAT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! He wishes to tell the world that it’s not about what you do, how much money you have or can arrange, what you’ve studied, but it’s all about who you really are.

Through whatever Anik has learned, he has prepared a 4-stage process for entrepreneurial success. And that theory has been named by him as ‘eSCAPE.’

What Kind of Research is the Book ‘eSCAPE’ Based on?

eSCAPE is based on a detailed research by Anik Singal, who is a millionaire himself. In order to accomplish his mission to guide the world to be successful, he researched three parties:

  • HIMSELF – Anik says that he has been through A LOT! And that’s true. Can you imagine $1.7 million debt? He researched what went wrong and how he ended up being successful and then a failure. With the help of understanding his journey, he has discovered some groundbreaking laws of nature.
  • HIS 250,000+ STUDENTS – Out of all of his students, Anik had a view about each one of them. However, the ones who Anik thought would never succeed had succeeded and the ones who Anik thought would succeed had failed. He became even more curious and started interviewing them personally to find the cause. This study helped him understand the difference.
  • THE TOP ENTREPRENEURS IN THE WORLD – He met millionaires and billionaires. Appeared on several TV shows like TED Talks and more. He enquired about their journeys and asked them several questions to find out one common thing among the successful people. The answer has helped him understand how to remain stable in life and he teaches the same via his book.

What are the 4-Stages to Become an Entrepreneur?

Anik categorises success in the form of a 4-stage process. He says that these stages are the steps you must go through before you become a successful entrepreneur.

  • Employee: This is where you are right now. You’re educated enough to be hired by an employer and serving him/her.

However, you have to go to the first step to be successful.

  • STAGE 1: SELF – This is when you realise that you’re not born to be an employee, but to be much more than that. People call it the stage of realisation.
  • STAGE 2: CATAPULT – This stage is built to ignite the momentum. Anik says that once you realise your purpose, you should really get going.
  • STAGE 3: AUTHORITY AND LEADERSHIP – A person who wants to become an entrepreneur, has to have authority and leadership. However, it doesn’t come easily. The ways are described in detail in this book.
  • STAGE 4: PEOPLE – They are the ones who support or exist in your entrepreneurial background. Without having people skills, you can’t be an entrepreneur.

Well, that’s it. Once you accomplish all the 4 stages, you’ll be an entrepreneur. You’ll be someone who you have always wanted to be.


eSCAPE: Sections

The book is in detail and has been divided into several sections to make the learning process easy.

  • 8 SHORT CHAPTERS: Here, you will understand what an entrepreneur really is and how one can become an entrepreneur even if he has no money, skills or support.
  • 4-STAGE PROCESS: The book has the most important 4-stage process to be a successful entrepreneur. Post reading this, you’ll gain a lot of confidence.
  • A POWERFUL AND FREE eSCORE ASSESSMENT: You can check which stage you’re at and get a detailed analysis too.
  • FULL REPORT ON WHERE TO FOCUS: You’ll be explained in detail how you can focus on which area to be successful.
  • REAL-LIFE CASE STUDIES AND MORE: Through real-life case studies, you’ll understand how people’s lives have changed in the past. There is a lot more too!


Let me tell you what you can study.

  • Learn the difference between earning a living and creating a living
  • Lessons to become an entrepreneur
  • Learn how entrepreneurship is not about running a business
  • Learn how to use the current resources aiming for profit
  • What mental process you should follow to learn from your failures
  • Uncover the reason why most entrepreneurs think they will fail
  • One question you should be asking yourself
  • Learn what holds people back from success
  • The truth: Everyone is born an entrepreneur
  • The core differences between an employee and an entrepreneur
  • How to use time efficiently and effectively
  • Employee + No Struggle = Are Happy; but Entrepreneurs + Struggle = Are Progressing
  • Why ‘Self’ is the foundation
  • Why all of your behaviours, decisions, beliefs, loves, fears and desires are controlled by an invisible force called your paradigms
  • How to invest time to fight for your dreams
  • Learn why you failed
  • Learn how momentum begets momentum
  • OPENLY declaring your goals
  • 5 key elements to developing authority and leadership
  • How and why we should make faster decisions
  • Things Anik has learned in his life
  • Two types of mentors in life
  • How one can be intentional and how one can become an entrepreneur


Ritoban C. had years of experience and millions of dollars in sales under his belt. But, there came a time when he was just not able to move forward. He was stalling… So, Ritoban literally packed up his belongings and physically moved to the United States for an entire 4 months. His main goal was to invest time with Anik Singal to master the eSCAPE stages. Well, he got just that – he got a complete reboot. Today, he’s back to growing feverishly fast – to the tune of 20-30% a month!

You can read in detail how that happened with Ritoban. The book awaits you.


Let’s check what the readers have said about Anik’s eSCAPE.

Zane Baker says, “eSCAPE is more than a book, it’s an entrepreneur’s transformational journey…”

Aaron Delezenski says, “I finished reading Anik’s new book eSCAPE and I have to say that was truly one of the best books I have ever read…”

Mary Ketner says, “It really helped to know what the true struggle that Anik has had with his success. The book was very easy to read and personable…”

You can read many more reviews on their website.

eScape Book


Worried about the price?


Yes, you read that right! Anik Singal’s mission to enlighten the world has made him write this book. He can’t let you be discouraged because of the price. Hence, just to build a customer-seller relationship, he offers this one for free and is ready to bear the loss.

You only have to pay the shipping charges and that’s it. A deal that is so profitable, you can probably never deny it…

If you’re worried about the results, don’t worry. Anik has covered up for that too. Anik has come up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. According to it, if you’re not satisfied with the book and its results, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase. What more can you ask for? Anik is too good at convincing and improving people’s lives.


There are 3 bonuses if you order eSCAPE book today. Let me tell you what they are:

#1 THE ESCAPE DIGITAL CLASSROOM: Right after you sign up and order your copy, Anik allows you to access the same material online. He understands how waiting can be boring and hence he allows you to enter his digital classroom which originally costs $197. It’s free if you order the book now.

#2 LIFETIME LURN NATION MEMBERSHIP: 25+ FREE COURSES: You can be a part of the learning committee for a lifetime and access more than 25 courses for free. Originally, a LurnNation Membership costs $497, however, if your order the book today, you get this free as a bonus.

#3 THE 3-WEEK STARTUP BOOT CAMP: You can now be a part of the new webinar series after the book launches which costs $397, but you can get it for free as a bonus today.



If you place an order today, you can also get a limited time bonus: MILLIONAIRE ACCESS.

What is millionaire access?

You get a chance to spend a virtual day with Anik Singal and ask him anything challenging about becoming an entrepreneur.

You can ask almost all related queries.

You can ask for a LIVE feedback from Anik based on your eSCORE results.


In order to be successful, I have taken my first step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. And, it was as simple as ordering this book for free and just paying the shipping. I’m assured the book will do good to me since Anik’s 100% satisfaction guarantee has made me relieved. There’s honestly nothing to lose. A millionaire has written a book himself and I have the chance to study it. It’s more of an educational book, so I’m totally prepared for the journey to begin.


escape book

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