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A woman is only as beautiful as she is confident that indeed she is. So, no matter how good a figure you have, or hair great your hair is, if you are convinced enough that your bust is not in the right size, you’ll lack the confidence to convince yourself that you are beautiful. And that’s just something that at least 2 out of 5 women have to fight with. I was just like you; great figure, great hair but with A-cup size breasts. I felt less feminine and felt that other women with C cup size breasts were more beautiful than I was. And indeed it was true as I watched other women in the office getting hooked up while not even the ugliest man gave me a stare.

I spent most of my time while alone browsing the web to find a solution and I must admit, most of my colleagues must have noticed. Now all I have to thank for what I have today is Boost Your Bust. If you have ever felt that your small breasts give you the feeling that you are less feminine, less beautiful, then you have all the reasons to read this review. Your ultimate solution resides here. And you won’t have to use any pills or injections, it’s a method utilizing all that Mother Nature has to offer.

What is Boost Your Bust?

Boost Your Boost is simply a guidebook authored by Jenny Bolt giving tips and tricks you can use to increase your breast size from an A cup to B and C cup size. The methods used are completely natural. In her 57 page book, Bolt explains all the natural methods she used after spending so much time in libraries reading about the physiology behind breast growth and how it can be naturally stimulated to grow. She was not up to finding a solution so she sells it out, but she was searching for a solution to her own problem. And after finding it and trying it out successfully, she thought it was good to assist women with a similar problem like you and me out there. In this book, Jenny Bolt reveals how the breasts grow and how they can be stimulated to grow bigger in a natural manner.

About the author:

As mentioned earlier, Boost Your Bust is a creation of Jenny Bolton after researching for remedies about her small breast problem and solving it. Her research was mainly based on how estrogen, a hormone responsible for regulating most of the physiological processes in the body of females, can be increased naturally in the body. Estrogen controls the menstrual cycle as well as the growth of breasts. Bolt used the strategy of boosting estrogen on herself, by the 6th week, her small breasts were C cup sized from A cup size. The author gives you what she has personally tested and proved to be effective.


What does the program include?

Boost Your Bust has seven chapters. Each chapter addresses a different subject but all within the same topic of boosting your bust. The author first starts by letting you understand the physiology of the breasts and takes you slowly by slowly into the depth. The language used is very easy to understand and the concept behind the program presented in a straightforward manner. Below is an overview of each of the chapters of the book.

Chapter one: about the breasts and how they grow:

The first chapter of the book first introduces you to the biology of the breasts and the process they undergo to full maturity. Jenny reveals to you how estrogen and growth hormone play the part of enlarging the breasts.

During the puberty stage of growth, estrogen is usually very high, and after 16 years it begins to drop. That means that if a girl does not obtain sizeable breasts by the end of her 16th year, probably they will remain small later on since estrogen levels are also decreasing with time. Some exceptions may occur since people are also physiologically different. In the case where the breasts don’t obtain a full size by the end of 16 years, Boost Your Bust sets in to assist in boosting the estrogen levels so the breasts can grow. This simply means that the method explained here can be used by teens too, but since most of those with small sized breasts issues are fully mature women, they are the ones who use this book the most.

Chapter Two: natural breast enlargement:

This chapter explains about the other hormones that work together with estrogen to facilitate enlargement of the breasts. Moreover, you’ll understand how these hormones can achieve breast enlargement. By comprehending how breast enlargement takes place naturally, will help you be enlightened on the diet that’s best for your body and this purpose.

Chapter Three: large breasts cheat sheet:

Here, you’ll learn about the tricks that you can use to help you make your breasts appear bigger. This chapter mainly helped me as I read through to the solution. I was eager to obtain the results and so by the end of this chapter, I was already implementing the tricks and I realized some changes in my peers and men.

You’ll learn about clothing tricks that you can use to spice things up, exercises to perform to boost your busts and how you can correct your breast posture. In this chapter, Jenny encourages putting on padded bras since they give the breasts an uplift which makes them appear bigger. She goes on to reveal how you even get bigger breasts in your swimming costume.

Jenny explains 4 types of exercises that can boost your busts. You’ll also learn about the postures to use so as to help your bust appear twice larger than they are.

Chapter Four: Foundation:

This is the central section which talks about the natural ingredients that can boost the estrogen levels in your body. The ingredients are simply herbs and some other plants. You’ll also learn how you can use the herbs with some warm water and apply on your breasts to enlarge them.

Chapter Five: breast enlargement personal routines:

In this chapter, Jenny narrates her own story. She gives a procedural explanation on how she employed plants and herbs to give her breast the C cup size.

Chapter Six: the promise of an everlasting result:

The problem with enlargement pills and creams is that their results are temporal and side effects are always part of the mix. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to keep your breasts ever increasing and when the desired size is obtained, it is everlasting. Boost Your Bust gives you the promise of a lifetime result.

Chapter Seven: diet to enhance results:

Diet is a very crucial part of the human body, and Jenny has it included in this section. She outlines the type of diet and ingredients to be taken to ensure the results are long-lasting. You’ll find out the 5 main ingredients necessary for keeping your breasts size permanently.

Additionally, Jenny takes care of your shape and well-being by including some bonus tips in your breast enlargement journey. There are yoga basics additions, how to prevent the development of stretch marks on your breasts and some hair care techniques.


How the system works:

This book gives you ten types of foods to grow your bust and the recipes to help you come up with the busting foods. Additionally, there are tips on breast massaging to help you increase your breast size. There are also exercises included which are the good accompaniment to the foods plus massage and see the results in a matter of days.

Who is the book ideal for?

This book is suitable for any woman. The techniques are good for all women interested in giving their breasts a boost, regardless of how old they are. We all know the effects of small busts, so for anyone with the need to give themselves the confidence that any woman deserves the right candidate for Bust Your Bust method. If you want to increase your bust size but cautious about the artificial methods such as creams and surgeries like I once was, then you’ve got Boost Your Bust as your right magic.


  • It takes a very short period, just six weeks to get the C cup size breasts you desire.

  • This book indirectly boosts your confidence. As you begin to obtain the changes in your breast size, your confidence will also start to build up.

  • You won’t have to use the padded bras for long.

  • The exercises and foods will also enhance your general well-being and health, not only your breast size.

  • You’ll have instant access and be able to read it anywhere you, please.

  • You’ll look more attractive, and your husband or boyfriend will have the pleasure and pride to declare you as his! What more does a woman desire than this?


  • I’ll say that the only problem with it is that it needs some seriousness for the results to be evident. If you need the results badly, then all you have to do is give it your energy and adhere to what is stipulated in the book. Otherwise, you may not see the results within the stated six weeks period.


Should you give it a try?

Of course yes! All the other methods come with side effects, and some do not even give a guarantee of desired results. What Boost Your Bust does is naturally stimulate your body to facilitate the growth of the breasts. No synthetic additions, no surgeries, no side effects and the results last a lifetime. What else is to be sceptic about?

Many other women have witnessed their breasts transformation from the A cup to C cup size.


You stand a chance to get a lot of benefits by reading and employing the methods and techniques. The book is available at only $47, which is incomparable with the benefits you stand to gain. Grab yourself a copy and you’ll be part of the testimonies given by most of the women that have seen the results.

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